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Winter Care

Most defibrillators use Lithium technology, a high energy storing battery that is designed to last a long period of time. Although these batteries are stable and reliable, Lithium battery technology does have some flaws which can impact the performance of the devices they are used in. Specifically, with the Defibrillator’s, these batteries can lose charge when exposed to cold temperatures over an extended period of time. This can give the appearance that the battery has run flat, even though the day before the battery was full.

Typical operating standards for AED’s is: 0°C ~ 43°C (32°F ~ 109°F)

If you suspect your battery may have been exposed to cold during the night, and your Defibrillator is no longer functioning, bring it inside. Allow the battery to warm up – this may take a few hours. Once warmed back up within operational temperatures the defibrillator should re-operate. When the battery is warmed up, it regains any charge it previously lost – however, repeated exposure can result in your battery’s life degrading over time.


  • Do not leave your defibrillator inside a car during cold nights. Cars do not protect against the cold!
  • Do not store your defibrillator outside in an indoor cabinet.
  • Do not leave your defibrillator unattended for prolonged periods of time.


  • ring in your defibrillator every night and put it in an easy to grab place, where it is warm and dry. Do this if you keep your defibrillator in a vehicle.
  • Outdoor Defibrillators should be stored in a waterproof, heated cabinet.
  • It’s imperative you check your defibrillator as often as you can, a minimum of once a week. This will allow you to monitor your defibrillator’s condition.
  • If you have an outdoor cabinet, check that your heater is working by placing your hand on the heater during a cold night. It should be warm.
  • Keep all moving parts of your cabinet well oiled and lubricated.