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When we are at work or our children in school, we expect the relevant organisations to provide first aid to care for emergencies. We would consider it neglectful for this not to be provided, yet all too often first aid at home is ignored or put off as a task to do later.

In fact the home has been identified as the most likely place for an accident to happen.

A first aid kit provides the peace of mind that you can care for yourself or your loved ones, should an accident happen. The ability to immediately apply a dressing or burn care can comfort a distressed injured person.

What things should be in a first aid kit

Most first aid kits are boxes, a kit can also be a pouch or bag. All homes, cars, leisure facilities and workplaces should have first aid kits to hand. A Basic First Aid Kits should have sterile plasters and eye pads, medium and large wound dressings, triangular bandages, safety pins, wipes and gloves. Your First Aid Kit should not contain anything that’s out-of-date or no longer fit to be used. A first aid is can be customised to suit the needs of the workplace/household for example if someone has sensitive skins or health conditions.

Lots of people get a first aid kit and use it the occasionally or not at all. The important thing is to not forget about the first aid kit.

Where to keep a first aid kit

There are several factors when considering where to keep a first aid kit. The first aid kit should be kept in a cool, dry place that’s out of reach of children. In an ideal world, you should replace any items as soon as you’ve used them so they aren’t missing from your kit in an emergency. Any Items that have passed their expiry date should be disposed and replaced as they may not be effective and can start to fail, making them unsafe.

Whether or not the first aid kit is for the home, make sure everyone in the household/workplace knows of its location and that is easy to access. Also consider where in the household an accident may happen, for example the kitchen or in the garden during summer months.

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