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There is a great deal of discussion at the moment about whether the public should wear a face mask to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

The latest guidance from the World Health Organisation states that you should wear a face mask if you are coughing or sneezing in order to prevent spreading any infection to other people. If you are healthy, then you only need to wear mask when taking care of someone suspected of or confirmed as having COVID-19.

Don’t risk your health with an uncertified face mask

Take care when searching for face masks online as many that are widely available are not medically certified. This means they may not work as effectively and offer you the protection you need.  Make sure that your face mask is certified medical device, so you can rest assured that they will deliver on reducing your risk of contracting or spreading viruses or potentially harmful bacteria.  

So what types of face masks are available?

Our Type I and Type IIR surgical masks can help to prevent transmission of respiratory viruses and have been manufactured to EN 14683 Type I and Type IIR standards. Our Type 1 face masks have been tested to a bacterial filtration efficiency of 95%, whilst our Type IIR surgical masks have been tested to filter 98% of bacteria effectively. Both masks are safe to use in a domiciliary and care home environment and are made up of 3 layers, making them fluid-resistant. Featuring an integrated nose band and elasticated ear loops to ensure a close fit, these surgical masks can be bought in boxes of 50.  Our FFP2 face masks are a different type of medical mask, which can filter out 95% of small particles and will help to reduce your risk of contracting or spreading viruses, including coronavirus, by protecting you against droplets if someone close by coughs or sneezes. Generally used in construction, agriculture and by healthcare professionals, an FFP2 face mask fits firmly and comfortably around your nose and mouth, leaving no gaps at the side for smaller, airborne particles to enter. FFP2 masks are highly fluid-resistant

Do you know how to put on and off a mask ? Read more at our how to Guide

Surgical Mask
Surgical Mask