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serola sacroiliac belt

A few weeks ago, I decided to purchase Serola Belt on a whim. Why you ask? Well, over the years, I have found myself dealing with an exacerbating pain in my joints. In the course of my research, I have come across a broad range of products being recommended by different vendors, but nothing seemed to work for me. Upon further research, I came across the Serola Si Belt, which many touted to be a good option for dealing with Sacroiliac joint pain. So I asked myself, why not try it? Below is a comprehensive Serola Sacroiliac Belt Review. It’s all about everything I learned about this belt, and how it can help you overcome lower back pain, hip pain, and your si joint pain.

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The Serola belt has been designed to support and compress your sacroiliac joints, thereby providing relief from instability and stress. Most importantly, the Serola Si Belt is not too tight to make it restrictive in any manner. Any insufficient or excess motions may have a negative effect on your complete musculoskeletal system.

It is the reason why I think you need this si belt. By striking a balance between the right amounts of resilience and resistance, the Serola si belt assists your musculoskeletal system regain normal motions in the joints. It provides much needed stability to your spine’s base. In the process, you get to experience increased strength in your legs, hips, and back. I noticed that by doing this, it greatly reduces your chances of getting injured while playing, or when working.

Serola Si Belt: How Does It Work?

The Serola SI Belt works by holding your SIJ together, thereby reducing its chances of opening up beyond what is normal. In the event that your joint does reopen, this belt will help ensure that your chances of getting an injury in your ligaments or joints are greatly reduced. As you are undergoing rehabilitation, the Serola SI Belt will hold your sacrum close to your ilia.

It applies the correct amount of tension during your workout sessions. With this tension, it will mean that whenever you make an ilia backward movement, your sacrum gets carried with it as well. This is important in ensuring that your joints will remain intact, and that no stress will come to your ligaments. Joints remaining intact is an important part of rehabilitation. It is worthy to note that too little or too much tension could cause your muscles to spasm or become inhibited.

Serola Belt: How Does it Assist with SI Joint Pain?

I noticed that many people wear the Serola SI belt in secrecy beneath their clothing. Normally, you will find it placed against the underwear, helping you look normal on the outside. It is recommended for people suffering from buttock and low back pain. According to Schwarzer et al, patients who normally suffer from back pain have a sacroiliac pain prevalence of up to thirteen percent.

The Serola belt is intended for use by people who suffer from poor movement tolerance and Sacroiliac joint pain, like you and me. You will normally be able to know whether the best sacroiliac belt will benefit you in any way from the moment that you wear it. On wearing it, the belt will start to compress your loose joints helping them form a tight closure. Once the closure is formed, it becomes easier to transfer your body’s movement and weight.

After wearing this belt for a while, I was now able to perform all the movements that were previously very painful for me, e.g., getting out of bed, getting in and out of a vehicle, standing up, and even walking longer than I used to do. All this was being achieved without me having to experience any fear or pain.

Having said all this, who can benefit from using the Serola Belt?

  1. Someone Suffering from Sacroiliac Joint Pain

If you’re always feeling an excruciating pain radiating down in your lower back…pain that radiates down to your hip, it could be your Si joint acting up. The Serola si belt provides a very innovative solution to your si joint pain caused by sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

The Serola si belt is designed to support your sacroiliac joints, relieving stress, instability, and of course, si joint pain.

  1. Pregnant/Breastfeeding Women with Lower Back Pain

A woman who has recently given birth and has started experiencing lower back pain will find the Serola SI belt to be very helpful. Breastfeeding, childbirth, and pregnancy are all actions that are known to put a woman’s body through major hormonal changes and fluctuations. Relaxin—a hormone responsible for making our bodies stretchy, and one known to help the ligaments relax during childbirth is one of the hormones that are affected during this period.

There are instances where the hormonal fluctuations, and the effects associated with giving birth have caused the SI joints to become expanded. As a result, it becomes harder for a woman to regain her stability long after she has given birth and completed breastfeeding her young ones. If you have been struggling with pain in your tailbone and lower back, more so when making any transitional movements, it is important that you consider trying out the Serola belt.

You can also go through serola sacroiliac belt reviews to see what other pregnant women have to say about this belt.

  1. A Person Who Has Recently Experienced a Traumatic Incident

If you have recently fallen, been hit, twisted, tugged, or been in a vehicle accident, there is a probability that you may start to experience pain in your hip, pelvis, or lower back. Normally, the pain will disappear a few days after you have had your spine readjusted by a chiropractor. This is, however, a temporary fix as the pain will normally come back a few days after the adjustment. It is a pattern that is likely to come and go, and is usually noticed over a span of a few weeks. You should consider getting an SI belt if this is the case with you.

Serola Sacroiliac Belt Review

Experiencing si joint pain or lower back pain tends to affect a person’s ability to perform their day-to-day tasks with ease. Sacroiliac joint pain can affect anyone, regardless of whether you are an athlete, expectant mother, or an employee who has to lift heavy items all day. Additionally, it can hit you at any time, thereby reducing your effectiveness, while slowing you down considerably.

The Serola Sacroiliac belt has been designed to help people treat pain in their lower back, joint instability, and sacroiliac pain. The Serola Belt is traditionally worn around your lower back region, either on top or below your clothes depending on your preferences. The belt is breathable, and it works by assisting you correct the biomechanics that are present in your joint region. This particular belt is ideal for people who are getting rehabilitated after an injury. It helps ensure that acute back pain does not transform into something more chronic.

Serola Sacroiliac Belt Features

When I purchased the belt, I noted that this belt had some very interesting features. Listed below are some of the features I found noteworthy, and what made the Serola Si belt stand out from its competition:

  • Made from a fabric that is cool and breathable, making it comfortable for daily wear
  • Treats joint instability, sacroiliac pain, and lower back pain
  • It does not contain any buckles or hard parts that can chafe or cut you
  • Assists in correcting your joint biomechanics
  • You can wear it beneath or on top of your clothing
  • Encourages remodeling of your ligaments
  • You can wear it during or after pregnancy
  • Assists myofascial rehabilitation
  • Ideal for use by people who are in high-risk occupations, e.g., workers, builders, vets, and nurses
  • The serola sacroiliac support belt provides support to people who experience compensatory, post traumatic, and occupational instability
  • Valuable assistance for people in post-operation rehabilitation

Does your job require you to walk or stand constantly? Do you find yourself experiencing lower back pain due to this? If so, consider getting yourself the Serola Sacroiliac belt. As mentioned earlier, the belt helps compress your Sacroiliac joints thereby helping provide them with much-needed support. It comes in various sizes, which means that you should not have any problem finding the right fit for you. Go through serola sacroiliac belt reviews on Amazon to see what is available on offer.

In terms of width, the belt is about three inches wide, which means that it will generally be able to cover as much area of your body as possible. This is crucial as it as will assist you deal with instability, while making sure that you get to reduce some of the stress that you could be experiencing on the much wider parts of the body. Although the Serola si joint belt can either be worn on top or below the clothes, it is normally recommended that you wear it on your naked skin.

Another aspect that the Serola Belt excels in is in the material that has been used in its construction. Many people assume that they will feel warm when they wear it. But in reality, this does not happen as the belt has been made using top of the line moisture wicking properties. This is something that makes all the difference during the warm, sunny days when the body starts to sweat. Its strapping is breathable as well, which comes in handy when you need to ventilate your body, or when you have to wear this belt for long durations.

Serola Sacroiliac Belt Product Dimensions:

The Serola Sacroiliac belt comes in various sizes which include:

  • Small:76-86cm
  • Medium:86-102cm
  • Large:102-117cm
  • Extra Large:117-132cm

It is important to note that when you are experiencing a painful episode, you should try as much as possible to let the sacroiliac belt stay on your body, whether it is at night or during the day. By letting it stay on for longer, the pain I was experiencing on my joints was greatly reduced, and this allowed me to concentrate on my daily tasks with ease.

Pros of the Serola SI Belt

  • Can be used for rehabilitation purposes
  • The serola sacroiliac support belt assists in supporting your lower back
  • It helps ensure that acute back pain does not become chronic
  • The serola sacroiliac belt for si joint joint and back pain aids in treating joint instability, sacroiliac pain, and lower back pain

Cons of the Serola Belt

  • You are likely to feel claustrophobic when wearing the Serola SI Belt
  • It comes with a fundamental side effect that is normally experienced by people who choose to wear the Serola belt for extended durations of time

How Does Serola Belt Help with Back Pain

Have you recently found yourself having to constantly deal with back or hip pain? if yes, then this is an indication that you ought to get some support for your back. That is what the serola sacroiliac hip belt is designed to do. The belt assists in supporting the back, thus providing more strength to your legs, hips, and back. Wearing the belt means that one has taken the firsts step towards treating and conserving their bodies. When you wear this belt, it will normally act as an external ligament that will provide much-needed assistance to your body, while at the same time providing stability to your SI joint.

If you want to experience relief from back pain, it is important that you do not waste any time. Get yourself a Serola Sacroiliac belt or serola sacroiliac belt for joint and back pain to provide you with the support that you require. The belt will help you feel less stressed and much happier.

How Can Serola Belt Help Prevent Sports Injuries

I am not a big sports fan, but I can tell you that based on my own day-to-day experiences, and the extensive research I conducted on this sacroiliac belt, it will come in handy for you. As an athlete, there is always a likelihood that you may sustain an injury when training, or when in the field doing what you love. But just because you are likely to sustain an injury does not mean that you should stop training, or become less active in the field. When you have the right protective accessories, it becomes easier for you to train, without having to worry about sustaining an injury.

It is recommended that you wear the Serola belt to protect yourself from ligament sprains. Sprains are likely to occur when undue pressure is placed on your sacroiliac joint. It is the reason why it is recommended that you get yourself a Serola SI Belt to support your back when out in the track or in the field. This belt will provide you with much-needed support regardless of your chosen track activity.

The good thing about this belt is the fact that it does not restrict your movement in any way. You can, therefore, wear it under your clothes when working out to limit the kind of stress being placed on your sacroiliac ligaments as you are training.

How Can Serola Belt Help in The Workplace

The Serola SI belt can be worn to almost all workplaces, with very small variations being made. Some of the workplaces that are likely to benefit will include those where employees spend most of their time on their feet or seated behind a desk. Both instances lead to pressure being placed on the lower back region, leading to the affected person gaining a poor posture.

Any employee suffering from a condition targeting their lower backs will benefit from the use of a Serola belt. Employees recovering from injuries sustained while at work will also find this belt to be very helpful in their rehabilitation. The belt comes in handy in reducing any discomfort that such an employee may be experiencing.

FAQ Section

  1. Does wearing the Serola SI Joint belt for long weaken or strengthen my back?

The Serola belt has been designed to assist you stabilize your joints. When worn over long periods, it assists in bringing your joints back together.

  1. For how long should I wear the Serola Sacroiliac belt?

There is no limit on the number of hours or days that you should wear the belt. You can have it on for as long as you like, provided that it does not affect your comfort levels.

  1. How do I know which Serola belt is ideal for me?

Currently, the belts come in four different sizes. All you need to do is obtain measurements of your hip bones and then choose the most appropriate belt.

  1. Can this belt be worn during pregnancy?

If you experience any pelvic pain during your pregnancy, then you should really consider getting the Serola SI Joint Belt. Be sure to choose the right size so as not to apply unnecessary pressure on your body during this period.

  1. Can the belt be worn overnight during pregnancy?

Pregnant women should consult their physicians before they wear the belt overnight

Serola Belt Placement: How to Wear the Serola Si Joint Belt

  • The Serola SI belt should be worn above the leg bones. These are the bones that protrude from your hips. Place the belt below the ASIS prominence which can be found at the front part of your hips.
  • Ensure the belt closes tightly over your hips
  • Once it is over the hips, pull the elastic bands towards your front. Do not tighten it too much as this may lead to additional pressure being applied to your lower back pain, and thereby increasing your pain.

Serola Sacroiliac Belt Review: Conclusion

The Serola SI belt are recommended for use by any person who suffers from lower back pain. If your work requires you to remain standing or seated for too long, it may be time to consider getting this belt to improve your posture, and reduce the amount of pain you are experiencing. The sacroiliac belt is also recommended for use during and after pregnancy, as it assists the woman hold her pubic and sacroiliac joints together to assist in realigning her pelvic. Using the Serola belt has enabled me get back to work without having to worry about joint pain. I am more relaxed, and better equipped to perform my work as is expected of me.

This Review was compiled by backcoretherapy.com