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Pitchside Rugby First Aid Kit

This is the kit bag that each team should have available at the pitch side and should be taken on to the field in the event of an injury. Teams at all age levels should have a fully stocked Pitchside First Aid Kit available at every training session and game, as well as a designated personnel trained in first aid. The equipment should be checked regularly to ensure that all materials are present and that they are in date. If an item is out of date, it should be disposed of and replaced. A spare stock of items should be kept in a designated storage area (e.g. in the medical room), where refilling of kits bags can take place following an incident. Below is a listing of recommended items to have in the Pitchside First Aid Kit. Individuals may wish to add to this minimum kit list depending on their circumstances.

Emergency Response Kit

Each club/school premises should consider having a Emergency Response Kit that will hold equipment required to deal with a serious injury or incident. The Emergency Response Kit must be easily accessed (e.g. not locked away in the office or in the boot of a car). If your club/school has access to a health care professional (medical practitioner/ nurse/ physiotherapist etc. ) as part of the match day team, they may consider having additional items of equipment available to that individual in the event of a serious incident. For some of these additional pieces of equipment, training will be required.

Additional items such as stretchers, spinal boards and “scoop” or split type stretchers are available in some clubs and schools. These pieces of equipment require training and ongoing familiarisation for those who may have to use them.

ref the IRFU Safe Rugby – Guidelines for First Aid Kits