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Wall Mounted Eye Wash Station


A wall-mounted eyewash station, designed for high visibility in an emergency. Compact and ergonomically made to safeguard eyewash solution, eye dressings, instructions and a mirror until you need them.

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Wall mounted eye wash station with 2 x 500ml sodium chloride eye wash bottles and mirror

  •  2-in-1 eye and wound wash that can be used in a range of emergencies from eye contamination to cleaning a cut before dressing it.
  • Highly visible eye and wound wash wall plate
  • Holds two 500ml eyewash bottles securely making them easy to grab.
  • The recesses for the two bottles are moulded precisely so that each bottle will stay in place on its own. It can be refilled with replacement eyewash bottles after each use.
  • The shatterproof mirror can be used for observation of the eye and enables an individual to use eyewash on their own if needed.
  • Contains two sterile eye pads for dressing after an injury, minimising the chance of further contamination
  • The twist-off top makes the eyewash bottles ready for use in seconds.
  • The station is made from strong lightweight plastic with pre-drilled holes, ready for installing in a warehouse, factory, lab, or anywhere that eyewash may be needed.