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Sterile Gauze Swabs


Sterile gauze swab helps to cushion, protect and prevent dryness in an open wound

10 x 10 cm

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The absorbant Sterile swab can be used for cleaning, drying and dressing minor wounds. The high quality and absorption of the swab helps to absorb bodily fluids from the surrounding area.

Non-woven gauze swab

The non-woven design reduces the risk of fibres sticking to the open wound for clean and efficient wound care procedure.

Sterile Gauze swab features

  • Sterile
  • Strong & durable
  • Applied in conjunction with a low adherent dressing
  • 4 ply cotton gauze swabs available in three sizes
  • Available in three sizes
  • Single-use non-woven swabs
  • 5 swabs in each packet

These dressings are essential in healthcare environments when treating wounds

10 x 10 cm

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