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Spinal Immobilisation Backboard


Spinal Immobilization Backboard, with handles and pins

SKU: YDC-7A3-1 Categories: , Tag:


A strong and lightweight Spinal Immobilisation Backboard, with handles and pins

Spinal Board Stretcher Features:

  • Spinal Immobilisation Board is made from strong and lightweight high density PE.
  •  Xray and CT SCAN  translucent
  • Provided with metal pins for better fixation of immobilisation belts such as Spider Straps or speed clips
  • Suitable for water rescues
  • Can be used with a head immobiliser.
  • Max Capacity 272kg
  • Size :
    • Packaging 187 x 49 x 7 cm
    • Actual : 185 x 41 x  5cm
  • Supplied in Yellow