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Resistance Band 45.5m – Extra Heavy Blue


MSD Resitance Band are a form of exercise bands which are used primarily for resistance, flexibility and mobility training.

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MSD Resistance Band are an premium quality, low powder latex exercise band. Resistance Bands can be used thoughout the training and conditioning process especially speed and agility training, stretching, general fitness and aerobics. Can be referred to as fitness bands, sports bands and strength bands.

Resistance bands can be used for resistive exercise providing positive as well as negative force on the muscles and improves the range of motion, strength and the cooperation of the muscle groups.

The different resistance levels are determined by the thickness of the band.

Same Colours and Quality as Theraband resistance band.

Resistance Band Levels
Color Resistance
Yellow Thin
Red Medium
Green Heavy
Blue Extra Heavy
Black Special Heavy
How are Resistance bands made?

The making of MSD-Band starts deep in the humid forests of Malaysia, where the best and strongest trees provide the natural latex rubber for your preferred resistance band. When a tree is 5-6 years old, haresting of the latex can begin. A small selection of incisions are made in the bank of the tree, just deep enough to tap the latex vessels without harming the tree’s growth. The fluid is collected in a process known as rubber tapping.

Only the best quality latex is selected to go to the laboratory, to make latex sheets, each sheet is  formulated, powdered, dried and cut to size.


Did you know that rubber trees combat greenhouse gases and thereby slowing down global warming? Additionally, latex harvesting helps prevent deforestation… “This is why we are not afraid to use the words ‘premium quality’ when referring to your MSD-Band”.