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Practi-Baby Plus Manikin With Carry Bag



The Practi-baby plus combines the Practi-baby manikin with a an electronic monitor allowing for a more accurate degree of analysis on the performance of treatment with compression rates, depths, battery level and more being readily available to observe.

When it comes to simulating trauma and training people a hands on approach is nearly always best, and that’s exactly what Practi-man accounts for, with it’s cheaper price point it allows you to provide manikins to majority of your students, ensuring they get valuable hands on experience that they would otherwise miss out on.

This item comes supplied with a single Practi-Baby Plus Manikin and carry bag.

Practi Baby Manikin Features:

  • The most lifelike infant manikin, suitable for performing high quality infant CPR and adapting to your training needs.
  • Jaw thrust maneuvers.
  • Electric monitoring device to better analyse treatment.
  • Airway systems to help simulate realistic breathing.
  • Also allows for the usage of a Guedel cannula to be used.
  • Audible and visual feedback system.
  • AED aware, the skin is designed with AED’s in mind ensuring the pads leave no residue behind on the skin.