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Portable Oxygen Generator


Out of stock

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Oxygen Generator


This Item is Currently Out of Stock but we have Oxygen Generator‘s available click here for more


  • Compact structure, stream-line front panel and an elegant profile with discreet carry bag.
  • Multiple usage, can be used at home, in a car and in remote locations without access to a power supply
  • Compact with economical power consumption.
  • Air purifying and refreshing, using photocatalyst active carbon functions to remove dusts, bacteria and odour from the air
  • Mild airflow supplied for a harmonious atmosphere
  • Advanced technology controls oxygen purity to 30%
  • Easy on-off Button


    • Concentration:29%   +/-2%   (standard atmospheric pressure)
    • Size: 260(L)*110(W)*170(H)mm
    • Weight: Generating unit+ adapter 2.00KG
    • Generating unit+ adapter+ lithium battery(15V,4A)+ charger 2.40KG
    • Power Consumption: average below 32W
    • Rated Voltage: AC 100-240V 50-60HZ or DC 12-17V
    • Noise: below 50dB
    • Application temperature: 5°-40° Application humidity: below 90%RH
    • Storage temperature: 0°-40° Storage humidity: below 80%RH
    • Airflow outlet: Approx 3+/-1.5L/min (standard atmospheric pressure)

Ideal for COPD Patients

Supplied with a 2.5 hour battery. 2.5 hours of operation per charge

Please note that this unit is designed for limited 02 therapy whilst away from your main 02 source not for extended or overnight therapy. If you require extended therapy then please select our professional oxygen generator.