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Patient Slider Standard


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An ideal and very cost effective moving aid for patient transfer situations.

Full length support, ideal for when the heights of the two transfer surfaces are not the same or when there is a small gap between the two surfaces.

Semi-rigid sliding board made from high density, stress relieved polypropylene.

Smooth, easy glide surface, treated to be anti static.

Both surfaces have very low friction.

Can be used both as a movable sliding board where the board and the patient move together or, with the addition of a slide sheet, the board can be fixed in place while the patient moves across it.

Both techniques allow for safer and easier transfers of supine patients whilst also reducing the risk of imposing heavy loads on the backs of the nurses or carers.

The eight handholds around the edges allow for easy moving and positioning.

Available in two models to cover a number of different situations.

Both models are radiolucent and may be left in situ during x-ray procedures.

This is the standard size model for general use.
Length: 183cm (72”)
Width: 56cm (22”)
Thickness: 5mm (3/16”)
Weight: 4kg (9lb)
Maximum Patient Weight: 114kg (17st 12lb)
Colour: White
CE Marked