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Hi Visibility Robust Construction

Digital Temperature Display

Mechanical Keypad Access (can be locked or permanently left unlocked)

Remote Control Alarm

LED Illumination Guiding the Rescuer to the Keypad

Clear Perspex Door (Allows you to check the status of your Defibrillator without opening the cabinet)

ILCOR Approved AED Signage

Instructions of what to do in the event of a sudden collapse “Dial 999, Start CPR, Use AED, Continue until Ambulance Arrives”

Integrated Alarm with remote control (sounds when the cabinet is opened or can be left unarmed)

Adjustable Shelf above the heater to accommodate all AEDs on the world market

3 Pin UK Power Cord (Can be plugged in or left without power)
Security Options:

Leave it open or lock it with the keypad. The choice is yours…

Mechanical Key Pad: Allows you to lock your AED cabinet if required and access it using the keypad. The lock does not require a power source.

Any combination of digits can be used and set by the user.

The lock is also recessed into the cabinet meaning that in very cold weather the heat from the heater prevents it from freezing. It is also covered preventing rain from falling on the locks digits and freezing.

Digital Temperature Display: The Digital LCD screen is illuminated with the interior temperature of the cabinet displayed. This gives you complete peace of mind that your Defibrillator is been stored at the correct temperature. Without this feature the user is unaware of the actual temperature inside their AED cabinet.

Remote Control Alarm: The cabinet features a remote control, contact alarm. When activated the alarm will sound when the cabinet is opened. The alarm can be shut off prior to opening using the remote control when you are servicing your AED. The alarm is mains powered and can be switched off if required. Alarm sounds at 120db and the remote control can be operated from up to 30 Meters.

LED Lighting: A low power LED Light is located inside the cabinet guiding the rescuer to the cabinet and increasing the profile of the lifesaving equipment.

Can be disconnected if required.

The Clear Perspex Door Panel allows you to check the status of your Defibrillator without opening the cabinet. This increases the profile of the Defibrillator and encourages more frequent visual checks of your AED

Power: Your AED cabinet operates from your mains 220v power. It is supplied with a UK 3 pin plug as standard. Your electrician will ensure that the cabinet is connected correctly to the mains power supply. All of the Cabinets Electrical Components operate on 12 V Power.

By far the most high quality AED cabinet on the world market!

Compatible with: All AED’s

Dimensions: 470(h) x 380(w) x 220(d)mm

Inner Dimensions:360(h) x 300(w) x 200(d)mm
Complete versatility

This cabinet can be:
Locked. Left Unlocked. Heated. Left Unheated. Alarmed, Left un-alarmed. Illuminated or left un-illuminated.

This gives you an unrivalled scope of options making this the most flexible, high quality AED cabinet on the world market today.

IP 66 Rated : for external use

Our digital, heated AED cabinets consume very little electricity.

The temperature LCD screen and the LED light over the keypad are illuminated at all times, both of which use a fractional amount of power.

LED Light = 0.5 Watts

LCD Screen = 3 Watts

Heater = 100 Watts when engaged (Depends on Weather)

Output from Transformer 12V  1 Amp




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