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Office Defibrillator with Indoor Storage Cabinet


Sudden Cardiac Arrest can happen anywhere at any time to anyone. Equipping your office with a defibrillator allows you to act fast and effectively in the event of an cardiac emergency. 


In stock


In stock


Our Office defibrillators  are designed for use by trained and untrained users, having an office defibrillator onsite ensures your workplace is heart safe and responders of all training levels are capable of acting during a cardiac emergency.

The Defibrillator Storage Cabinet ensures safe and secure storage of your defibrillator in the workplace. The defib storage unit has a built in break glass unit for the key allowing quick access to locked cabinets. The cabinet is also alarmed which will alert colleagues to an emergency.

The additional signage from  as part of this Office Package ensures bystanders and visitors are aware of your defibrillator’s presence and know where to locate the device.

Office Defibrillator package includes :

1 x HeartOn A15 Defibrillator

1 x  Indoor AED Cabinet

1 x  AED Sign 

1 x  Defibrillator Rescue Kit ( Shears,  Pocket Mask, Gloves, Razor & Wipes)