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Mueller Calf Shin Splint Support 330


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Mueller Adjustable Calf Support / Shin Splint Support helps relieve pain from shin splints and helps stimulate circulation around the calf. The lightweight support gives you the double benefit of calf and shin support through comfortable compression Recommended to help control excess fluid in the calf area and relieve discomfort associated with shin splints.

Shin splints is an overuse sports injury which can result in a dull ache in the lower leg with pain that develops during exercise. Shin Splints usually present as pain in the calf muscle on either side of the shin bone. Continuous repeated force on the shin bone can cause inflammation of the muscles, calf strain and tiny cracks may appear in the Tibia. These cracks may result in a stress fracture in the absence of rest and treatment. The Mueller calf and shin splint support  is designed to offer adjustable support for shin splints and calf strain. Additional compression can be created by tightening the elasticated strap at the top of the calf

Wraparound design provides controlled compression and custom fit.  Soft neoprene blend retains body heat to help circulation.  Extra long support covers more of the calf and shin area.

Calf Support Sizing

Measure around mid-calf: Regular – 8-16 in / 20-40cm     Large – 11-20 in / 27-50cm