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iVolve CPAP Full Face Mask


Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Full Mask Kit. Lightweight, comfortable and easy to maintain in perfect condition.The iVolve CPAP full face mask is engineered for maximum user comfort and effective sleep apnea treatment. This model is preferred over its competition for its dual-wall cushion, diffuse multi-vent holes and its overall quiet performance.

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The  iVolve CPAP Full Face Mask is comfortable, quiet and flexible. This lightweight CPAP mask comes with minimal design, making the mask easy to assemble and maintain in perfect condition. The Dual-wall construction makes this innovative cpap mask a solution for maximum comfort and effective sleep apnea treatment.

Full Face Mask features

  • Less parts – more convenience

    Boasting a clean and simple design, the cpap full-face mask features a 5-part construction, making it easy to assemble and clean.

    Does not obstruct vision

    The cpap mask boasts a wider range of vision, allowing you to use your phone or watch TV while wearing it.

    Bilateral Vent Hole
    The special bilateral vent hole design effectively reduces dead space.

    Dual-wall Cushion
    If you are looking for a comfortable full-face mask on a budget, the extra softness of the CPAP won’t disappoint you.

    360-degree Elbow Rotation
    The all-around elbow rotation design offers flexible tube position

    Anti-asphyxia Valve
    Anti-asphyxia valve for better safety

    Adaptive Headgear Clips
    The most comfortable headgear position

Available in sizes small,medium and Large

CPAP full face mask Size Guide:





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