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IPAD Defibrillator



IPAD SP1 Automated External Defibrillator – AED


The Worlds Latest Technology in AEDs.

No Other Defibrillator Offers Such Incredible Features for a Lower Price.

Standard Features Include:

Adult to Paediatric Switch.

Change from Adult Energy to Paediatric Energy with the flick of a switch. No need for Paediatric pads saving the patient time and you money….

Ambulance Crew Handover:

When the Ambulance Crew arrive on scene press the “I” button and the machine will provide a verbal handover to the Paramedics including how long the AED has been operating and how many shocks have been delivered.

Auto Volume Adjuster:

Ambient noise detector measures the level of background noise and adjusts the volume of the voice prompts accordingly.The Louder the background noise the louder your AED will speak.

CPR Detection:

The IPAD SP1 Detects if CPR is Being Performed When Required

If CPR is Not Being Performed, Voice Prompts Encourage the
Responder to ‘Perform CPR’

If CPR is Being Performed, Voice Prompts Encourage the
Responder to ‘Continue CPR’

Easy Communication

Internal Memory Stores the Last Five Events or 3 Hours of Data.
Data can be transferred via the built in SD card and IrDA ports.
This makes Downloading Event Data or Upgrading your AED to New
Guidelines as Easy as Using your Digital Camera

Pre Connected “Smart” Electrodes.

The Pads are Pre Connected and Stored in a Clear Perspex
Holder at the Rear of the Unit. This Makes Them Easy to Check, Locate Quickly, and Remove From the Unit

Visual Display Indicator.

The Screen on the IPAD SP1 displays your:
Unit Status i.e OK
Battery Life: Displays How Much Power is Left in your Battery
Pad Expiry: Displays when your Pads will Expire

The IPAD SP1 AED is Supplied with

7 Year Warranty,
Adult/Paediatric Dual Use Electrode Pads
Hard Carry Case with Shoulder Strap
5 Year Battery
AED Rescue Kit-
Towel, Razor, Paramedic Shears, Razor and Pocket Mask with Oxygen Port and Headstrap as standard.

CE and FDA Certified.

All of our Defibrillators are insured by FBD Insurance for
1.3 Million Euro Product Liability
2.6 Million Euro Public Liability