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Insulin Syringe with 29G Needle x 10


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10 Pack of Sterile, single-use,  Insulin Syringe with attached 29 gauge x 12.7mm long needle. Made of polypropylene, the barrel has bold graduated markings and the plunger rod has a latex-free plunger tip that is silicone lubricated resulting in precise and effortless movement.


  • Each syringe barrel is printed with the corresponding scale to facilitate precise insulin dosing.
  • Our insulin syringes have a one unit increment scale. This allows you to deliver the correct dosage more accurately.
  • Unique lubrication technique for enhanced injection comfort.
  • Triple bevel design reduces penetration force to puncture skin.
  • Single use device, optimised for 1 use only, ensuring the needle is sharp, lubricated and safe.
  • The reassurance of extensive education programmes and services.
  • 10 Pack