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Freeze Spray


Cooling Freese spray – Cools, soothes and relaxes muscular and joint aches and can be used after sport or exercise.


Freeze Cold Spray 150ml

  • Fast Acting
  • Scientifically Proven Cooling
    • Back
    • Neck & Shoulder
    • Legs & Feet

Deep Freeze Cold Spray works like ice, delivering an instant burst of targeted cooling to the area. Can be used with medicines. Can be used immediately after exercise.

How To Use Freeze spray

Holding the freeze spray can 20cm from the area to be treated spray the desired area for a maximum of 3 seconds. Allow to dry. Should symptoms persist a second application may be made. Do not apply more than twice to the same area. Excessive spraying can cause frost bite. Do not exceed the recommended usage of this product.

Do not use:

  • on broken or irritated skin or with other skin products on the same area
  • if allergic to any of the ingredients
  • on or near the eyes or other sensitive areas
  • on children under 6 years
  • if pregnant

Stop using if skin irritation, rash, burns, allergic reaction, or other unwanted affects occur. Seek advice if these symptoms worsen or persist, if you are diabetic or have a circulatory disorder.

Freeze spray ingredients

Alcohol Denat, Butane, Propane, Iso-Butane, Menthol crystals.


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