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Fixo Splint Kit

Original price was: €185.00.Current price is: €115.00.

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The rigid Fixo Splints have been studied for a rapid and easy immobilisation of the limbs. They are made of PVC and nylon; the closures have different coloured self-adherent strips to simplify use. They are resistant to liquids, hence to blood and disinfectants. They are washable with soap and water.

The Fixo Splint Kit is composed of

  • splint size XS, for child arm fractures and for adult fractures to the forearm (length: 310 mm) ([12.20 in]), only present in kit of three sizes
  • splint size S, for child leg, knee or ankle fractures and for adult fractures to the arm and forearm (length: 510 mm) ([20.07 in])
  • splint size L, for adult fractures to the leg, knee or ankle (length: 735 mm) ([28.93 in])