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Ferno Frac Immobilisers 5 Strap


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Ferno Frac Immobilisers are a simple way of immobilising suspected fractures.  Simply place the frac immobiliser around the injured limb and secure with the velcro straps.  Used correctly, the frac immobiliser will prevent any movement that might worsen the injury.  Ferno Frac Immobilisers can accommodate additional splint boards to increase their effective length.

  • Can be left in place during x-rays to reduce further disturbance of the injury
  • Reusable with an easy-to-clean vinyl covering
  • Each Ferno Frac Immobiliser comes with an extra pad for increased patient comfort

Ferno Fracture Immobilisers 5 Strap.

High Quality.

Suitable for the immobilisation of

  • Adult arm
  • Adult leg
  • Adult ankle