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Banana Patient Transfer Board



The Curved Patient Banana  Board was developed by therapists to ensure it performed flawlessly when used to assist transfers from bed-to-chair, chair-to-chair or from a wheelchair-to-car seat.

When a client can no longer bear their own weight the Banana Board can be used to facilitate a seated transfer from one surface to another. This transfer can be independent or assisted by a caregiver.

This board is constructed from highly durable chip resistant polyethylene. The board is curved for versatile positioning e.g. side transfer from a self propelling wheel chair (the curve goes around the self propelling wheel), the curve assists a 90 degree transfer and a front on 180 degree transfer if the chair arm does not remove. There are two rubber pads on the underside of the board for increased safety.

The Banana Board should be cleaned with warm soapy water and towel dried.  It can also be wiped with an alcohol wipe solution or an approved disinfectant (suitable for plastics).  The anti slip pads should be wiped clean regularly and dried before use.

  • Can be used independently or assisted by a caregiver
  • Features Anti Slip Pads
  • Easily cleaned and disinfected
  • Hard-wearing HDPE construction
  • Designed by Therapists with patients in mind
  • Patent Protected Design
  • Weight Capacity/SWL 19 Stone/120kg
  • Size 67cm long x 21cm wide
  • Weight: 1.3kg