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Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser


Our Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser is ideal for use in the Workplace, Surgeries and all Public Settings. Touchless hand sanitiser dispensers are more hygienic then manual versions, control the amount of sanitiser dispensed, allow you to know exactly how much sanitiser you need and reflect the professionalism of your service.

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Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Features: 

  • Touch Free Operation
  • Can be filled with any Hand Soap or Alcohol Hand Sanitiser.
  • Avoid been tied to specific brands of expensive gel cartridges / refills
  • Avoid supply issues by been able to use any hand gel on the market
  • 1,000ml Refillable Container
  • Motion Activated. Alcohol Hand Sanitiser is dispensed when Hands are placed under the device.
  • Operates on 2 x AA Batteries. One set of batteries = 100,000 Dispenses.

CE Certified

Extremely Economical

infrared sensor
IR sensing distance : 5~15cm
Capacity : 1,000ml
Material : ABS plastic

Red Light Flashes when Batteries need to be changed

5L of our alcohol hand sanitiser will get you 5,000 dispenses.

When purchased with our 5L Hand Sanitiser Gel each activation costs less then €0.01. Sanitise 100 persons hands for less then €1....

2.5L Hand Sanitizer Refill Available 

5L Hand Sanitizer Refill Available