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What does a bleed control kit contain?

The kit contains specialist equipment to help stem extreme blood loss before ambulance crews arrive.  The pack is lightweight and in a high visibility red.  It is housed in a bleed control cabinet so it is available and accessible 24/7. Remember, a bleed...
How to Use a Pulse Oximeter

How to Use a Pulse Oximeter

Pulse Oximeters are very easy to use. Simply clip the device on your fingertip or earlobe (you can attach the clip over the wrist or top and bottom of the foot on infants), then turn the device on to take a reading. This is the easy part. Here is a list of variables...
Your Guide to Coronavirus Masks

Your Guide to Coronavirus Masks

What is important when buying coronavirus masks? The whole idea of a coronavirus mask is to stop yourself from inhaling the airborne virus. We often see people in Asian countries wearing masks in media but this is not usually to block viruses, they want to block...

First Aid Kits and First Aid Supplies

Eiremed has been supplying First Aid kits , First Aid Supplies and First Aid Training to all sectors of the community, both commercial and recreational since 1998 With our extensive experience in the First Aid Supplies, we can a provide a personal and tailor made...

Health Safety Authority Guidelines for First Aid kits

Irish Standard Compliant  First Aid Kit Checklist Health & Safety Authority Guidelines “An employer shall provide and maintain suitably   marked and easily accessible first-aid equipment, as is adequate and appropriate in the circumstances for enabling...
Rugby First Aid Kits

Rugby First Aid Kits

Pitchside Rugby First Aid Kit This is the kit bag that each team should have available at the pitch side and should be taken on to the field in the event of an injury. Teams at all age levels should have a fully stocked Pitchside First Aid Kit available at every...
Tick Removal Tool for Humans

Tick Removal Tool for Humans

Why You Need to Remove Ticks ASAP In addition to Lyme disease, ticks can transmit many other diseases. The good news is that ticks usually don’t start to feed right away.  It usually takes 12-24 hours for the tick to start feeding on you.  So, if you are...