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Defibrillator Maintenance Costs

Defibrillator BrandModelList PriceAdult PadsLife YearsList Price BatteryLife YearsList Price Paediatric Pads Life YearsMedianaA15€59.002€249.005No need for Paed. PadsMedianaA10€55.0025CU MedicalIPAD SP1€65.002€275.005No need for Paed. Pads Cardiac...

The Good Samaritan act

Good Samaritan Act Ireland 2011The Good Samaritan act was passed into law in 24th June 2011 as ispart of the CIVIL LAW (MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS) ACT 2011. Good Samaritan law is contained in Part 3 of the...
Winter Care for your Defibrillator

Winter Care for your Defibrillator

Winter Care Most defibrillators use Lithium technology, a high energy storing battery that is designed to last a long period of time. Although these batteries are stable and reliable, Lithium battery technology does have some flaws which can impact the performance of...

How to Register your AED

To Register your Defibrillator with the National Ambulance Service Download the form here complete and send the completed form to your Local Community Engagement officer. NAS COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT OFFICERS Division South Name: Donal Lonergan Email:...

Why Choose the HeartOn A15 Defibrillator

Simply open the HeartOn A15 cover by the easy-slide switch and the machine switches itself on automatically. The defibrillator pads are already connected and ready for use, saving valuable time in an emergency. A combination of LED indicator lights and clearly spoken...

Defibrillator Buyer Guide

What is an AED ? An AED, or Automated External Defibrillator is a lifesaving device which is used to deliver a shock of electricity to a victim of cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest (also known as a cardiopulmonary arrest) is where a person’s heart cannot give a...

Defibrillators For School

A sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) can happen to anyone of any age, including children and young people. Each year over 600 young people under 35 die from a SCA. Many of these deaths could be avoided with fast, correct treatment, so it is vital that teachers know the...