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Defibrillator Buyer Guide

What is an AED ?

Mediana A15 HeartOn Semi Automatic Defibrillator

An AED, or Automated External Defibrillator is a lifesaving device which is used to deliver a shock of electricity to a victim of cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest (also known as a cardiopulmonary arrest) is where a person’s heart cannot give a normal circulation of blood as the heart is failing to beat a regular rhythm; delivering a shock from a defibrillator stops the heart, allowing the heart to restore a natural rhythm and ultimately save a life. Delivering this life-saving shock used to be a role only fitted for healthcare professionals, Paramedics, Nurses and Doctors; however these devices have now been specially adapted to ensure anyone(trained or untrained) can use it to save a life! Now accessible in local communities and public locations all over Ireland , from Shopping centers, Pubs,  train stations, swimming pools, Offices factorised and Schools.  Chances are if it’s a public place, there’ll be a defibrillator available on-site to ensure your safety.

Common Features

AEDs come with a variety of features, some of which are common to all but other features can be unique to a specific model or manufacturer. This helps you decide what kind of defib is going to fit in with your needs, it’s then up to us to make sure you purchase the right model to fit your requirements.

Easy to use

Although AEDs seem super advanced, they are designed to be easy to use; even if you’ve never been trained to use one!
There are two types of units available; Semi-Automatic or a Fully Automatic defibrillator. The difference between the two is simple; with a semi-auto model, you control the delivery of the shock using the shock button and with a fully, the unit will deliver the shock automatically – leaving you to concentrate on chest compressions, which the defibrillator also talks you through on both devices. All defibs come with a voice prompt and a visual prompt of some kind, however they differ in terms of how detailed they are! Language options are also available on some defibrillators. These kinds of feature options should be considered when deciding which AED is best for you, but remember – all defibs are easy-to-use.


We hope that you will never need to use your AED, but if you do, you can trust your defib will always be in working order!
All defibrillators perform daily, weekly or monthly self checks of circuitry and battery levels, giving you peace of mind that your device is functioning correctly, ready to use. Having your defib stored in a wall bracket is great as it allows a centralised location for you to notice and fix any warnings. If a problem with the device was to arise, the AED would inform you with a visible or audible alarm, handy for keeping on top of your AED’s maintenance! Storing your defib on the wall is also useful for alerting people in the environment of its location and easy accessibility


Every single AED we sell comes with a 5 year warranty ; giving you total peace of mind with your investment

Unique Defibrillator Features

Battery Life

Battery life is a very important factor when choosing which AED to invest in, as with the defibrillator you buy, you will have to replace the battery over time, regardless of use. We also provide a free reminder service for
your battery which will alert you one month before expiry. It is crucial to ensure your AED battery is constantly working and replaced when it needs to be, this will give you peace of mind that your defib is working and ready to use when you need it!

Voice Prompts

A built-in voice prompt to guide the user through the rescue process is a great element of an AED, and whilst this is a feature all defibrillators have, what makes them different is how much detail they provide to guide the user. Some units are very specific in their vocal coaching, taking you step by step on how to prepare the casualty for a shock, and even talking you through the CPR process and how to administer it in the correct
rhythm. This is a great option for those who are untrained or a not-so confident defib user as it helps them provide a more effective rescue! Other units will go quiet during this process only offering information such as elapsed time to next analysis. This is more appealing to healthcare professionals as they practice their skills so much, they would prefer not to use the voice prompts. There are also devices which allow you to choose either option by simply pressing a button on the unit, suiting all users’ needs.
Try before you buy? Check out our product video demos [LINKS to GO here ] This will allow you to experience every AED before you make your decision!

Visual Prompts

All AEDs are equipped with visual prompts, according to current guidelines  who advise AED users to follow the voice and visual prompts of the AED they are using. Whilst a visual prompt can be found on all defibs,
manufacturers have taken their own routes into how to present visual guidance, meaning a lot of them vary into how detailed they are for the user! Some units opt for simplicity and display the elapsed time between shocks, number of shocks delivered and CPR guidance using an LCD text solution. Others have gone to the other end of the spectrum and have animations of the full rescue sequence presented on the AEDs. Similar to the voice prompts, you need to think about who will be using the unit and how much guidance you feel your potential users may need from your AED; this is something we can help with when you’re looking to purchase your defibrillator.

IP Ratings

Every defibrillator comes with an IP rating, however each design of defibrillator has a unique code, allowing you to make your decision based on your environment and needs. An IP rating establishes exactly how protected your defibrillator is in terms of common elements, the first number demonstrating its protection level against dust and the second water, the higher the number the more protection it has. For example an AED with an IP rating of IP64 means it is substantially protected from dust and splashing water; this would make it an ideal defibrillator to have in an outside environment or a leisure centre, knowing that should any water splash onto the device, it will still function perfectly should it be needed for a rescue process.


There are lots of essential as well as optional extras to consider when choosing your defibrillator. All AEDs come already equipped with a battery and at least one set of adult electrode pads, however as all pads are single use only, we always advise you buy a second pair to keep with your rescue kit! When comparing AEDs, be sure you’re looking at everything each unit comes with to assess its real value; some come supplied with an additional set of adult electrode pads, a carry case or an extra battery, reducing your overall cost to your investment! Our ongoing costs page will help you to evaluate the added investment with your AED

Buying Tips

Purchasing a defibrillator involves some very important purchasing considerations.
At, we advise that you should
• Purchase an AED which looks non-threatening that your rescuers will be comfortable to use
• Purchase an AED which is within your budget
• Consider the cost of replacement batteries and electrode pads over the term of your defibrillator ownership; does this change your desired budget?

It is also a good idea to consider optional items such as training and accessories to ensure your rescuers are confident with handling the AED and performing the rescue process in an emergency situation!

How to order?

If you want to learn a little bit more, our website has lots of information, and videos to answer all the questions you might have
Alternatively, you can call 1890 567 999 to speak to one of our customer care team about any of our defibrillators, accessories or training options. If you wish to arrange a call back contact us via our online contact form .

Secure Shopping

We can guarantee, whether you decide to order by phone,email or on the web that your order will be safe and secure. We accept all major credit and debit cards; or if you prefer we can issue your accounts department with an invoice.