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Manual Handling Course

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Under the Health & Safety Authorities General applications regulations 2007 all employers must provide Manual Handling training for all of their employees

Duration: 3.5 hours

Course Content:

  1. Introduction and legislation
  2. Statistics, incidence of back injury, and high risk activities
  3. Musclo-Skeletal System & Mechanism of injury
  4. Flexibility
  5. Methods of prevention of back injury, risk assessment, housekeeping, P.P.E, Ergonomics, minimal handling policies, etc.
  6. DVD presentation, “Safe manual handling, the new approach”
  7. 11 principles of safe manual handling
  8. One person lift-various objects
  9. Two or more person lifts-various objects
  10. Open forum, questionnaire/trainee assessment. Summary and close

Max Candidates: 12 per course

Instructor: The instructor will be a fully qualified, experienced, Manual Handling Instructor.

Certification: Upon course completion the employer will be issued with a certificate from Safety-Tec confirming that the employees who attended the training course are now proficient in the safe manual handling of loads in the work place.