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Evacuation Chair Training

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This is a practical course designed to teach key employees how to use the Evacuation Chair safely so that they can evacuate people who need assistance or cannot evacuate themselves.

Course Objectives

To give participants the skills to operate the Evacuation Chair confidently and competently.

Course Duration 

3 Hours

Course Content 

  • Personal Emergency Evacuation Planning (PEEPS)

  • Manual Handling – principles of safe lifting in and out of the chair, as well as handling the chair.

  • Chair Assembly

  • Putting the chair user at ease

  • Moving & Transfer of Evacuee from office, corridor, or landing to stairs

  • Descending the stairs

  • Practical use of the chair under various scenarios

  • Moving to the assembly point

Max Candidates 



On course completion, all delegates meeting the training standard are certified and deemed competent for their roles.

Evacuation Chair purchase

Our team would be happy to assist you in deciding what Evacuation Chair best suits your needs. 

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