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Massage Creams and Lotions

Massages can go a long way to speeding up your recovery post-injury, relieving pain, or simply helping you to relax. Our range of massage creams and massage lotions have been carefully selected so that you can find the best massage oils in Ireland quickly. Whether you are looking for a scented lotion for relaxation or you need to bulk buy massage milk, you can find everything you need here. Shop the range of massage lotions & massage creams below


OXO Professional care massage lotion is developed for physiotherapists and professional therapists. Designed to help you treat injuries quickly, these lotions are perfect for sports masseurs and medical professionals. lotions allow you to give a deep and intensive massage when needed, relieving pain after exercise or aiding in recovery after an injury. Their pH neutral formula means that they are suitable for sensitive skin.


How long can you keep massage oil?

The shelf life of your massage oil will depend on the brand, but most are good for around 6 months. Keeping your massage oil in cool, dry conditions can help to extend its life, while some recommend moving the oil into the fridge. Check the packaging for the best place to store your oil.

What does a massage lotion do?

Massage lotion make it easier for your hands to move over the skin when giving a massage. They also hydrate the skin. This makes it easier to perform an intense sports massage or physical therapy on the problem area, as your hands will not rub against the skin in a painful way.

Why do you need to apply lotions during massages?

Massage lotions and creams are excellent for nourishing and hydrating the skin, leaving it feeling soft. They also allow your hands to glide over the skin easily, instead of sticking to the surface and causing painful friction during a massage.

What is the difference between massage oils and lotions?

Massage lotions tend to absorb more quickly into the skin than lotions, which is excellent if you need to hydrate the skin quickly. Massage oils are slower absorbing and perfect for deep and intensive massages.

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