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Pulse Oximeter

Eiremed supplies a wide range of pulse oximeters to quickly and easily measure oxygen saturation levels and heart rate. Our range includes finger oximeters and Professional pulse oximeter for both adults and children.


All our pulse oximeters are suitable for use professionally in a clinical setting or in the home. Adult SPO2 and paediatric pulse oximeters available as finger models or as handheld with additional  probes. Quick and simple to use, all our pulse oximeters are essential monitoring devices for any healthcare setting. All our oximeters are available on our online shop
How to use a Pulse Oximeter

Pulse Oximeters are very easy to use. Simply clip the device on your fingertip or earlobe (you can attach the clip over the wrist or top and bottom of the foot on infants), then turn the device on to take a reading. This is the easy part.

Here is a list of variables that need to be avoided in order to get the best reading possible:
• Painted fingers and toenails can obstruct proper readings – use an earlobe instead in this case.
• Bright overhead lighting, including sunlight can effect readings – take your readings in rooms with normal or low-light conditions.
• Body movement including shivering, sneezing, etc., can all affect proper readings – don’t move while testing.
If you have any respiratory or circulatory condition, your pulse oximeter readings will need to be interpreted differently than you’ll find listed in the documentation that comes with the device .

Talk to your doctor or primary healthcare provider to learn how to read the results given by your oximeter to properly determine what’s happening in your body.

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