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One of our most FAQ is, “Can the cold weather affect my defibrillator?”

Cold weather can significantly affect the performance of an AED. A prolonged cold spell may drain the battery therefore the way you store your AED in winter can make a difference in your defibs’s rescue-readiness.

How do you know what temperate is safe? Each defibrillator manufacturer lists an operating temperature range and standby temperature range on the defibrillator technical data sheet or operator’s manual. Operating temperature refers to the range in which the defib will perform in a rescue situation and is normally listed at 0° to 50°C for most units. (refer to your user manual ) In order to maximise the life of your defib pads and batteries, the defibrillator unit should not be stored in temperatures that exceed the specified standby temperatures, which can vary by manufacturer.

Most public access defibrillators are stored outdoors in cabinets to make them available all day. If you choose to store your defib outside, make sure you get an appropriate cabinet for your device. This is because extremes in temperature, which are much more likely outside, may compromise a defibrillator’s ability to function properly. Direct sunlight exposure in summer, for example, could raise temperatures in a glass-fronted storage cabinet above 65°C, the point at which batteries can become dangerous. Meanwhile, being exposed to sub-zero temperatures in winter could affect battery performance , and/or reduce the life of the electrodes. Eiremed offers Outdoor Heated cabinet to store your defibrillator in any condition.

For Defibrillator stored in vehicles, make sure to routinely check the unit for readiness. If the Defibrillator is chirping or the status indicator has changed from green to red or displays a Red “X”, take the unit indoors. Once it has a chance to warm up, if it’s still in an Error state , feel free to give us a call on 1890 567 999 and we can troubleshoot over the phone. Contact us at info@eiremed.ie for any questions you have about taking care of your Defibrillator or to upgrade your Defibrillator Storage cabinets.