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I was searching for a AED training device, which looks convincing and works well as a training aid for the right money. I happened upon the ATM AED trainer for what I considered to a very competitive price, I ordered four.

These units worked very well, I have never before had students comment on how much they liked the AED, this unit provides clear visuals, clear audible instructions and a metronome. This also has multiple scenarios to input with a handy remote control and a pause button and can imitate lead movement or artifact.

Packaged in a handy and tough carrying case with Adult and Paediatric Pads/cables this unit really fits the bill. Rechargeable batteries which last for 10 hours and a power cable to use from the mains you really cannot go wrong.

As they are package in a case you can use them in basic first aid training or more complicated scenarios where the AED will be brought to the scene with other equipment.

For the price they provide a capable training aid which is the right size and weight to be moved from venue to venue while looking convincing and authentic.

may be buying more. They are available at eiremed.ie

Martin Robinson

Paramedic/Clinical Tutor
MJR Training Services.