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EireMed – Emergency Medical Supplies & Training

Established in 1998 we supply a full range of Emergency Medical, Safety and First Aid Equipment as well as First Aid and Medical Training courses.

All of our field personnel including warehouse operatives are professional medical practitioners  which allows us to offer expert advice and support on the latest range of emergency medical equipment.

EireMed which is a division of the Safety-Tec Group provides first aid training courses such as Occupational First Aid, First Aid Response FAR course, and a full range of Irish Heart Foundation courses such as Heartsaver AED, CPR for Family & Friends and Basic Life Support for the Health Care Provider. BLS.

Our popular Ambulance Supplies include: Paramedic Jackets, Stretchers, Spinal Boards, Vacuum Mattresses, Vacuum Splints, Traction splints, HARE Splints, Suction Units, Littmann Stethoscopes, Paramedic Helmets, Transport Chairs, Stretcher Sheets, Readyheat Blankets, EMS Vests, MERET Range of Medical pouches and Bags, Medication Pouches, Pen Torches, Wipe Clean PVC Pillows and disposable bed sheet.

Our popular safety and rescue supplies include, LeatherMan Multi Tools, Ferno Aquaboard, Leatherman Raptor Shears, LED Lenser Torches, Body Bags, Evacuation Chairs, Stair Chairs, Fire Chairs, Window Punches, Alcohol Breathalyzer, Ligature Cutters for hanging victims, Basket Stretchers, Emergency Showers, Emergency Eye Wash, drench showers, bleeding control kits and packs, haemostatic dressings, tactical tourniquets, haemostatic agents, compressed gauze, bleeding control pouches and bags, flashing led lights and tactical rescue tools.

We also supply a wide range of Sports Medical Supplies such as , Mueller tapes including Mueller M Tape, Back braces and back supports, nose guards, face guards, serola belts, hernia belts, instant ice packs, acupuncture needles, sharps bins, massage lotion, ultra sound gel, ultra sound machines, kinesiology tape, reusable ice packs, heel cups, arm slings, shoulder braces, tennis elbow supports, golfers support, Mueller Pre Tape Spray, Magic Grip, Stickum, Mlastic Tape, Elasticated Adhesive Bandage, Cohesive Bandage, Tuirgrip, Tubigrip applicators, instsnt hot packs, shoulder pulleys, hernia supports, electrical stimulators, TENS machines, cryocuffs and cryo therapy supplies.

Community first responders can find AEDs (Defibrillators) Defibrillator Cabinets, both indoor and outdoor, Defibrillator cabinets including the DuraFib range, AED rescue kits, Defibrillator signage, Defibrillator bags, AED pads and Defibrillator batteries, defibrillator servicing and expert advice. First Responder Instructors can avail of our large range of CPR Manikins including the Brayden range of CPR Manikins, Brayden with Lights, Brayden Pro and Brayden Basic, Actfast Anti Choking Trainer, Actfast Kids, Laerdal Manikins including Laerdal QCPR, Laerdal Baby Anne and other Laerdal Manikins. AED trainer units including the ATM defibrillator trainer, manikin face shields, manikin wipes, CPR face shields, pocket masks, CPR feedback devices, Heated Defibrillator Cabinets, Outdoor AED Storage, Training Defibrillators, First Responder Jackets and vests, univisors, CFR Window Stickers and all general CFR supplies.

Other popular supplies include CPAP Machines, Auto CPAP and Manual CPAP units with full technical support, CPAP Masks, and Heated CPAP tubing, Nursing Manikins, 3M Stethoscopes, Patient Monitors, Braun Thermometers, 12 Lead ECG Machines, Peak Flow Mouth Pieces, Overshoes, Burns Kits, Patient Wipes, Blue Nitrile Gloves, Black Nitrile Gloves, Ferno Bags, Combicarrier,Scoop stretchers, orthopaedic stretchers, head immobilizers, folding stretchers, dressing trolleys, privacy screens, oxygen masks, Penthrox trainer units, AHA textbooks and DVDs, FAR Books, Wheelchairs and Alcohol Hand gel including Purell.